Work Experience & Apprenticeships

Work Experience

Over the years we've hosted a number of work experience students here at Betty's Books and Devon Art Supplies. We are able to tailor the period of your stay with us to suit your core interest whether that be in business admin, high street retail, the arts sector or bookselling. 

There are many elements to running the shop that include things like: customer service, online retail, marketing, social media management, business admin, stock ordering and general day to day upkeep tasks. Each of which you will have the chance to experience. 

If you are interested in having your work exprience placement here with us please contact Kerri-Ann Betty via [email protected] or 01297 624246 

We hope that when you finish your work experience with us you will feel as though you’ve had a realistic insight into the reality of running a high street shop as well as what it is like working in the arts sector and bookselling world.   We hope you will enjoy your time with us and that it will help you work out what career path you might like to pursue.


Interested in working in an arts, crafts and books shop?

We are currently looking into offering an apprenship placement here at Betty's Books and Devon Art Supplies. The placements we are looking into relate to the following training courses: 

- Retailer (level 2) 
- Business administrator (level 3)
- Marketing assistant (level 3)
You can read more about each course here

If you are interested in this opportunity please get in touch with Kerri-Ann Betty via [email protected] to discuss further.