The Hobby Shop Seaton

Alongside offering a wide range of arts and crafts supplies in 2016 we also introduced 'The Hobby Shop' an area of the shop dedicated to modelling. This part of the business is run by Jon who sources a range of products from big brands such as Airfix and Humbrol as well as other small model brands. 


If you are looking for Humbrol hobby supplies we offer a great range including enamel tinlets, sprays, mediums, varnishes and more


If you are looking for Airfix kits we offer a wide selection including small, medium and large starter kits, advanced kits, vintage classics, figures and more

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Hobby Books

We offer a selection of books advising on a wide range of hobbies including woodcarving, pyrography, art and more

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Balsa Wood

In store we sell balsa wood, a popular product used by model makers.