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Paverpol is the number one textile and decoration hardener!

What is Paverpol?
Paverpol was developed by a group of artists for artists and is a unique textile hardener that is water-based.

Why would I use Paverpol?
It offers endless possibilities to give shape to your creativity. Paverpol allows you to make figurines, sculptures, both for indoors and outdoors, as well as abstract objects, wall decorations, vases, bowls, animals, dolls, jewellery, masks and many, many other decorations.

New ideas come up every day, the most fun thing is: everyone can do it!

What can I use Paverpol with?
Paverpol can be used to make all sorts of materials rock hard, such as wool, cotton, paper, chamois leather, fiberglass, self-hardening clay, polystyrene, dried flowers and all kinds of natural materials. It will adhere to wood, ceramics, plaster, concrete, stone, and tempex etc.
Despite being such a fantastically versatile product Paverpol does not stick to synthetics such as plastics.

Is Paverpol easy to use?
Yes, very easy. There is no need to wear gloves as it is kind to your skin and the environment. After use, you simply wash your hands and tools with warm water.

Who buys Paverpol?
Paverpol is sold globally to professional and amateur artists, hobby shops, schools, hobbyists, workshops, and anyone who enjoys creative activities.

How Safe is Paverpol?
Paverpol has the highly regarded American AP quality symbol. This means that it is 100% safe for humans, animals and the environment. One other benefit is that Paverpol dipped natural materials are also fire retardant.

How to use Paverpol
A unique property of Paverpol is its relatively fast-drying time, making it possible to finish in just one day, for example a garden sculpture. Heat, from a hairdryer for example, will speed up the drying time.

If you use coloured textiles, possibly with a pattern, they will retain their original brightness as Paverpol dries completely transparent. Alternatively, by adding coloured powder (Pavercolour) to Paverpol, it can be coloured without slowing down the drying time. For example, you can transform white textiles to any colour you like. Pavercolour has 27 colour pigments available which can be combined to make a vast range of shades. To make it easier for you, as well as transparent we stock the most popular colours in premixed options (black, grey, skin colour and bronze)

If the object you create is meant to be placed outside, we recommend varnishing once it has hardened completely, this will help it resist moulding at higher humidity-levels. For best results, we suggest leaving your artwork inside for at least a week to harden completely, before varnishing and placing it outside.

Protect Paverpol in it's liquid form from frost; once it has hardened, however, Paverpol is able to withstand extreme frost.

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