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I thought for a long time about whether I should post something or not with everything that is going on at the moment but decided I wanted to give my opinion, it might not mean much to the majority of you as my business is tiny compared to most but still this is my opinion and that of my business Imagine Design Create.


Imagine Design Create is a small family business, coming up 10 years old. I started it many years ago whilst pregnant with my oldest son. It became a ltd company in 2013 and i opened my Seaton based shop in 2014. In 2017 we launched our own brand range and in 2018 we joined Hochanda.


Claire began the Hochanda journey with her fantastic shows through 2018 and i only recently began demonstrating again at Hochanda but have been involved in the process since day one.


What the public don't get to see is all the hard work involved right from the start; the team who interviewed us as a company to see what our products are, the training team who teach us how things work and give us the guided tour, the buying team who help build the shows, security who check us in at the door, the floor staff who set up the show displays, arrange all the cameras and grab any items you forget whilst live on air!, the gallery team, the directors, the staff who mic us up, the presenters and many more people who i have missed out but there are so many staff involved in each and every hour show and they all work amazingly hard.


I am so grateful to Hochanda for giving us the opportunity to share our company with its customers. It has meant that we can grow and develop our business and has helped us reach a much wider audience than we would in our little Seaton shop.


We hope that we can continue to work with the Hochanda family through 2019 and beyond and want to thank each and every member of staff at Hochanda for all the hard work they do.


Kerri-Ann, Jon, Claire & all the Imagine Design Create team.

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