Solid Flower Polka

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 Helloo from Lynn x

I love the polka effect of the stamp and this inspired me to create a polka background.

For this example I have used the Solid Flowers and the Solid Rectangles stamp sets.

Solid Flower Polka



I used one of the solid rectangles to repeat stamp an image to use as individual frames to the solid flower.  I stamped the rectangle opposite way round to give it a topsy turvy look.  I stamped the same design flower into each in different colours.  The look sort of reminds me of the retro images you see of Marilyn Monroe (you know the ones I mean).

 In the white spaces I used different coloured marker pens to create the polka dot design.

 I chose to colour the edge of the card in a contrasting colour and not to layer onto another piece of cardstock. To make the card stand out I added it to the card blank with 3D foam.



Solid Rectangle Polka


Helloo from Lynn x

 I really wanted to create a pastel card. I'm more of a black girl myself, black is my favourite colour. I thought it would make a nice change to use different colours and for this I chose the Solid Rectangle and the Nesting Circles and Rectangles stamp sets.

 Using different pastel ink shades I stamped the images to fill the whole card. The small white spaces left on the card I filled using a beige marker pen to create a polka dot effect.  The rectangle corners are decorated using Tonic Jewel Drops.


I hope you enjoyed my examples today and will join me next time. Lynn x

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