Pop Up Box birthday card....stamped with Lily the Lion

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Today I am going to show you how to make a pop-up box card, I will be using the following Imagine Design Create products 

 lion pop up box card 3


Create the Box

  1. I started by cutting a piece of strong white card measuring 11.25” x 5.75” and scored it as shown in the picture below 


thumbnail_pop-up box template


  1. Next, I stuck the box together using strong double-sided tape. 


  1. I then added coloured papers to each of the visible surfaces, measurements as follows  

Yellow paper – 1 piece measuring 2.5 x 5.5”, 3 pieces measuring 2.5 x 2.25” 

Blue paper – 3 pieces measuring 2.5 x 3” 


Once adhered this is what it should look like. 

lion pop up box card 1

  1. The next stage is to add struts inside the box which will allow us to adhere our decorations. I cut 2 pieces of card measuring 3.5” x 1” And scored them at 3/8” at either end, you will need to use strong tape to fix these in place, you should now have a box that looks like this 

lion pop up box card 2

  1. To add the decorations inside the box I used the Lily the Lion stamp set to stamp, colour and cut the Lion image. I also stamped 5 balloons using the Birthday balloons stamp set. I glued them onto wire and then onto the struts, this allows them to stand up and “explode” out of the box. 


  1. I also cut some long blades of grass from some green paper, you can draw them out in pencil then cut but I found it quicker to freestyle it. 

lion pop up box card 3

  1. Lastly, I stamped Happy Birthday onto the front of the box flap. 


How fun is this card? The great thing is it will fold flat to pop in an envelope. 


You can purchase all the stamps and papers I used in this tutorial with an extra 15% off when you use TERRI2018IDCDT at checkout. 

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