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Hey there, today I have post that’s more informative than inspiration focused.  Have you head about the power of 3? Adding odd numbers of embellishments? Stamping in a triangle?  I hadn’t but now that I understand these ideas my crafting has improved and I really like to share my knowledge with others. 

 block sentiment dots

Why do we use odd numbers when adding embellishments to our projects? 

I have heard a few explanations to this much asked question and to be honest I don’t think there is a definitive answer. What I do know is that it works.  When I add gems or flowers to a project I always add either 3,5 or 7, much like when I plant in the garden, I always plant in groups of 3. It’s pleasing to the eye, and looks softer and give the feeling of flow.  Imagine if you had 4 flowers to add to a card, they would probably end up in a line or in a 2x2 gird like pattern, this would feel forced and ridged.  With 3 flowers they can be in a triangle type formation or dotted about, this creates a sense of movement. If this is something you’ve not tried maybe you could try placing 4 flowers/gems on a project and taking a picture, then try again with 3 or 5,  I am sure you’ll like the second option better. 


Why stamp in a triangle pattern? 

Stamping in a triangular pattern allows you to achieve good placement of images/colour within your design. When I stamp a background pattern I always stamp in 3’s (3 points of a triangle) this allows me to use multiple images and/or colours and for my design to look natural and have a flow to it.  When I started out I used to stamp randomly and found that things didn’t look right, somethings were too crowded and some just looked a bit confused! 


To help show what I mean by stamping in a Triangle pattern I have put together a card using this method. 

block sentiment dots 1

I chose to work with 3 coloured inks (not including the black), I started by stamping a teal circle and then 2 more to look like the point of a triangle (this can be a close or as far apart as you like) I then stamped 3 pink circles and then 3 purple circles. I felt my card needed more so I went back to the purple ink and chose one of the previously stamped circle as my first point and then stamped 2 more, I did this with all of the colours. It achieves a really nice look, it’s more natural. Of course, there are times when you will want to stamp in straight lines or in a grid pattern and that’s totally fine but when you want natural movement the triangle pattern really helps. 

I added a stamped black ring to the circles, which I offset slightly and then placed my sentiment onto foam pads.  I used the Shape your world stamp set and the block sentiments to create my card.  


I hope I’ve explained this technique clearly, if you have any questions please leave me a comment below and I’ll reply as soon as I can. 

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