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  1. What art sells best in the UK?

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    Have you ever wondered what artwork sells best in the UK? 

    Kerri-Ann worked on a research project recently looking into that exact question and spoke with a number of art gallery owners from Seaton. You can read the full article and many other art related posts over on her blog Art & Academia blog or click here to go directly to the post about 'What art sells best?' 

    f you'd like to sell your artwork in Seaton but don't know where to start pop in and have a chat with Kerri-Ann who should be able to advise on some ways you can sell your artwork locally. 

  2. When can art galleries re-open?

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    If you like to support local art galleries then head on over and read this post 

    Showing support for local art galleries re-opening after lockdown

    Small local independant art galleries are often the starting point for artists who want to test the waters for their artwork. It can often be a challenge to get accepted in some of the larger chain art galleries so having smaller art galleries is essential for those just starting out on the art journey. 

    Don't forget to check out for more art related articles 

  3. Liquid Leaf is back in stock at Devon Art Supplies

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    Liquid leaf is back in stock here at Devon Art Supplies in a variety of colours. You can see the available range here. It gives a beautiful sheen, a metallic looking finish to projects, often used on ornamental furniture and frames but can be used on a number of surfaces. 

    Our supplier says:
    "Liquid Leaf is an easy-to-use way of adding an effective metallic finish to many surfaces or objects including carved and ornamental furniture, frames, mouldings, decorative ceilings, lamps and figurines.
    Liquid Leaf combines a red primer together with a film of lustrous metal particles pre-mixed into a single spirit-based liquid which creates a beautiful, vibrant finish with a brilliant sheen that resembles traditional gilded work.
    To usesimply shake the paint thoroughly to ensure the metallic particles are evenly distributed then apply. Liquid Leaf flows easily onto the surface with no brush marks, forming a beautiful, lustrous finish. It is so controllable that it can be used with striping brush or ruling pen for fine lines and scrolls. After applying Liquid Leaf allow it to dry and, if required, seal the painted surface."

  4. Soft Pastels - NEW colour sets available

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    We are super excited to have this new GREY TONES set in store now. We know many of you have been wanting a set that includes white, black and a variety of greys so this new set is very welcome! These soft pastels are beautiful to work with and can be used alone or together with other mediums to create stunning mixed media work. 

    As well as this new set we have the usual colourful sets available in 12's / 24's and more in a variety of different brands. 

    You can take a browse of the soft pastels available over on our website shop here or pop in store and see us, we can show you our variety of soft pastels from a variety of brands. 

  5. Looking for ceramic paint?

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    We have some great new ceramic paint sets available in store at our Seaton arts and crafts shop and on our website where we post out UK wide. You can view the available ceramic paints here. 

    These great paints are available as 6 or 12 size sets. Though designed as ceramic paints they work well on a variety of surfaces. Pop in store and have a chat with us to find out more or hop over to our YouTube channel to see us talk about these great new paints.