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    Silicone Oil for paint pouring is available now in our Seaton craft shop. If you are looking to give paint pouring a go it is well worth visiting us at Devon Art Supplies in Seaton, Devon where we have a variety of paint pouring supplies in a range of brands. 

    We sell paint pouring mediums that work with acrylics in different quantities and different brands so you can choose your favourite. We also sell paint pouring mediums that works with FW inks. This new medium is proving popular already and is selling out fast. 


    If you love working with FW acrylic inks then you are going to love this new ink pouring medium. We've been told by our regulars who have used this product that it works really well with the Pebeo silicone oil too, it creates some stunning effects. 

    We'd love to see your paint and ink pouring creations so feel free to send images in to us at [email protected] or tag our Facebook / Instagram account in your posts. 

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    Are you looking for craft kits for adults? You've come to the right place. Here in our Seaton craft shop we offer a wide range of craft kits for adults and children. We have a wide variety of creative kits including a great range of needlecraft kits. 

    In recently years we've noticed that Cross stitch, Tapestry, Embroidery and needlecrafts in general have been getting more and more popular. We've done our best to expand our range to fit with demand and now offer a great selection of products and designs from large well known brands and smaller independant brands too. 


    The images in this post show a few of the floral tapestry designs currently in stock here on our website and in our Seaton shop. There are also a number of designs featuring buildings, lake scenes, seaside scenes, animals and much more. 

    If needlecrafts are not your thing and you are looking for a different type of craft kit for adults or even something more suited to children then why not take a browse of our arts and craft website or pop to Devon Art Supplies, 30 Queen Street, Seaton, Devon, EX12 2RB where you'll find a fantastic selection of creative supplies, craft kits and art products too.  

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    If you are visiting Seaton and looking for something creative or a fun kit to do whilst down on the beach or in your caravan / B&B why not pop in and take a browse. Here at Devon Art Supplies we offer a wide range of creative kits in store including these cute little felt hanger kits, there are many designs to choose from such as unicorns, dinosaurs, butterflies and more.


    If sewing or felting isn't your thing why not try a paint by number kit, cross stitch kit, a diamond dot kit or grab some art supplies. Our shop is jam packed with creative supplies for all ages and interests from starter craft kits to professional art supplies. 


    We've been here in Seaton at Devon Art Supplies (30 Queen Street, Seaton, EX12 2RB) now since 2014 and we love serving our lovely community as well as visitors. We hope you will pop in for a browse when you are next in Seaton. We are just at the top of Queen Street next door to a deli called 'The bush hat' that sells the monst wonderful foods and opposite a stunning art and gifts shop called Triptych we are only a short walk from the beach so you can pick up your supplies then head down to the beach for the day. 


    We are open 9.30am - 2.30pm Monday to Friday and 10am - 2.30pm Saturday. We can arrange collection times outside of this if needed, just email us at [email protected] or call 01297 624246. 

    (Some people ask why our hours are limited, this is because as such as small family business we cannot afford staff, Kerri-Ann runs she shop on her own 6 days a week but needs to make sure there is family time for young Reu & Fin too so this is why our hours are the way they are) 

    We hope you enjoy your visit to Seaton and hope to see you soon

    with love from Kerri-Ann, Jon and Family x 

  4. blue spray
    If you are looking for humbrol spray paints you have come to the right place. Here in our Seaton, Devon store we stock a range of Humbrol supplies including the enamel tinlets, mediums, acrylics, varnishes and the spray paints. 

    Humbrol offers a limited range of colours in spray version, not all the colours that they offer in acrylic and enamel are available in spray so it's important to look either on our website at the list of available sprays or pop in store to see them. 

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    We are pleased to annouce that we have now got this fantastic pouring medium in stock that works with the much loved FW inks. We've heard great things about this product and our regulars requested we get it in so we have done just that. 

    We will be testing this product out soon and will upload a demonstration video to show you how we get on with it. As you know we like to test as many of the products we stock as possible here at Devon Art Supplies so that we can give honest opinions about them .


    If you haven't already visited us in our Seaton based arts and crafts shop then why not take a trip to Seaton to come and see us. We are at 30 Queen Street, just 5 minutes from the sea front. 

    What our suppliers say about the product:
    "Ideal to use with FW Inks. 
    Mix 1 part FW Ink, System3 Ink or Aquafine Inks to 1 part Pouring Medium.
    Formulated with advanced shear thinning thickeners to give an optimal pouring experience.
    The high quality resin ensures that a durable scratch resistant and non tacky surface is formed each and every time.
    Dries with a smooth even coloured film.
    Suitable for use on canvas, wood and other primed surfaces."