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  1. Here at Imagine Design Create I am sure you have noticed we have gone bonkers for all things Botanical (especially the lovely Kerri-Ann)

    We offer workshops and craft kits aimed at our botanical inspired of art and crafts. One being our Flower Pressing kits. We have a few different varieties of flower presses available in store and online so it is worth taking a browse to find out which will suit your needs best. 

    flower pressing kit

    This flower pressing kit is perfect for beginners of all ages; it is a great starter kit with everything you need to get started creating floral designs for all sorts of crafty projects; from scrapbooking to card making or even if you just want to create a beautiful keepsake from a special bouquet of flowers from a loved one.

    This kit comes with 15 accessories for you to begin creating your own special pressed flower keepsakes. 

    Find it here at out online shop.

    If you are simply looking for a flower press without the extras then take a look at the selection of sizes we have on offer here. 


    Needle Felting Kit - Simply Make - Llama

    Needle Felting is great fun, suitable for i would suggest age 6yrs and above with supervision. (due to the sharp needle) Once you learn the basics of needle felting you'll be creating all sorts of things. To get you started on your journey i would suggest working with a needle felting kit. 

    At Imagine Design Create we have a range of fabulous Needle Felting Kits available like our lovely llama pictured above. These kits have been super popular in store not only because they look great and easy to make but because they are a bargain price. 

    The kit comes with everything you need to create a cute felty llama of your very own. 

    A full range of our Needle Felting kits can be found in our online store

  3. Quilling has long been a favourite craft of mine. It is the art of creating beautiful designs using thin strips of paper and curling them in to decorative shapes. 

    Quilling is a great hobby for all ages and so easy to learn. You can make the designs as basic or intricate as you like.

    Here at Imagine Design Create, we have a great supply of all the tools you need to get started on your own quilling journey from fabulous kits, to paper and tools. 

    By the Sea

    A range of our quilling supplies can be found here at our online store.

    If you have any photos of your quilling projects that you would like to share why not link them here in the comments. 

    Happy Crafting, Tracy x 

  4. Ever wondered what to do with all the scrap bits of paper from previous crafty projects? Bin it? Leave it to litter your craft space? Why not recycle it in to a fabulous new piece of paper to keep creating! 

    The Complete Paper Making kit holds all you need to get started creating your own personalised pieces of paper. The kit contains all you need to learn the art of paper making and recycling. Creativity For Kids Complete Paper Making Kit

    The Complete Paper Making kit contains 17 items to help you create your own special paper and can be used again and again so you can continue to be creative.

    Great fun for all ages to get invovled with. 

    The Creative Paper Making Kit can be found here in our online shop.

  5. WP_002324

    If you have creative kids like my son pictured above (this is a very old photo, he is actually nearly 9 now) then take a look around our website as we offer a wide range of crafty supplies. If you live locally to Seaton, Devon then i would advise popping in store as we have even more here in the shop! 

    Encouraging creativity from a young age is a fantastic idea as arts and crafts help children to develop a wide range of skills. My son has always had access to a variety of arty materials ever since he could move i found it not only encouraged an interest in creative activites but it encouraged him to experiment, gave him confidence and it also helped his speech development as he would use words to ask for the different materials, colours of paints and papers he wanted to use. 

    Reuben is nearly 9 now and still has a keen interest in art, he can often be found with a pen in hand working on cartoon sketches, writing stories and model making. Reu is also very sporty; he enjoys going out to explore the beach and local nature walks. We often come back with bits and pieces found on out travels that get turned into pieces of art. 

    If you want to get creative with your children take a look here at our online shop. 

    Reuben recommends the kids sketching pads found here. 
    My youngest son (age 7) loves the Nutty Putty, found here.