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    You have all been loving the yarns from Stylecraft including the beautiful 'Life Changes' range. We've sold out of the 'Ashes' colour blend but we still have some of the Corals and Berries blends which are beautiful. 

    There have been some new arrivals in the past few weeks too so it's well worth a visit in store to see us at Devon Art Supplies 30 Queen Street, Seaton. We have a great range of wool and yarn in store and we are doing our best to get these loaded on the the website as quickly as we can. 

  2. qeblr3

    We stock a range of lino rollers in store here at Devon Art Supplies in Seaton in a selection of sizes. They are obviously great for using with lino printing activites but have so many other great uses too. 

    We've used lino roller in workshops to create mixed media and inky background papers, to roll over large stamps to aid in getting a full clear stamped image and also used as a roller when working with air dry clays. 

    They are a great multi-use tool and will last a very long time if well cared for. Remember to clean after each use, remember to dry after cleaning or leave to air dry. Never leave in water. 

    Our supplier says: 
    "Ink roller manufactured from durable polypropylene with self-lubricating nylon bearings; robust constuction; EPDM rubber; hanging slot; aluminium core and a continuous steel shaft.
    These versatile inking rollers can be used for a variety of purposes other than lino printing. Simply turn the wet roller over and the handle doubles as a stand for cleaner working." 

  3. gdalaypa3

    I've had a few people recently pop in asking for Layout pads after being recommended to check if we stock them, apparently people have been hunting for them for a while in Seaton and been unable to find them. The strange thing is we have been here 7 years now and have always sold them! Maybe we haven't been shouting loud enough about them and the amazing range of other creative supplies we offer here. 

    We have Layout pads in A4 and A3 readily available in store and we can do special orders on other sizes too. We stock different brands of Layout pads including Daler Rowney and Silvine. 

  4. HS_73916green
    Did you know that we also stock notebooks, pens and stationary here in Devon Art Supplies, Seaton's arts & craft shop? 

    It is worth popping in to take a browse if you can as often the new designs sell out in store before we can even load them onto the website. If we get chance to load them onto the website you'll find them here. 

    We have a large array of pens for multipul surfaces including a range of white gelly rol pens that are perfect for black paper and labels. If you are looking for ink pens and calligraphy pens it is worth popping in store to take a look as we have a lovely collection available. You can view some of them here on the website. 

  5. vcjll26

    Liquid leaf is back in stock here at Devon Art Supplies in a variety of colours. You can see the available range here. It gives a beautiful sheen, a metallic looking finish to projects, often used on ornamental furniture and frames but can be used on a number of surfaces. 

    Our supplier says:
    "Liquid Leaf is an easy-to-use way of adding an effective metallic finish to many surfaces or objects including carved and ornamental furniture, frames, mouldings, decorative ceilings, lamps and figurines.
    Liquid Leaf combines a red primer together with a film of lustrous metal particles pre-mixed into a single spirit-based liquid which creates a beautiful, vibrant finish with a brilliant sheen that resembles traditional gilded work.
    To usesimply shake the paint thoroughly to ensure the metallic particles are evenly distributed then apply. Liquid Leaf flows easily onto the surface with no brush marks, forming a beautiful, lustrous finish. It is so controllable that it can be used with striping brush or ruling pen for fine lines and scrolls. After applying Liquid Leaf allow it to dry and, if required, seal the painted surface."