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    Here at Devon Art Supplies in Seaton we are regularly visited by people would like like to take up a hobby but are unsure where to start, we of course do our best to help customers but it got us thinking what more we could do to help people see what a wide range of creative things to do there are. This then lead us to consider how we could also showcase the many talented creatives in our area, those who don't nessasarily want to sell what they create but just showcase what they do, whether that be groups, tutors who run workshops or just individuals who want to show off their creative hobby. 

    So in January & February 2023 we will be having a showcase event! 

    In the centre of the shop we have a display area which we will be offering to our lovely local creatives to showcase themselves. This is not a sales opportunity and we will not be selling products here, you are welcome of course to have a poster of your contact details so people can contact you directly to purchase from you or join your clubs / workshops. 

    This is a FREE opportunity and welcome to all ages. We have very limited spaces available so please contact us as soon as possible if you would like to be considered for a spot. If you are a local workshop tutor and would like to showcase what you create and your workshops we welcome this. 

    We already have the local Seaton Scale Modellers club (Find out more about this club here:  booked in for January so if you are thinking of showcasing your scale modelling hobby it might be worth connecting with then to join in with their showcase. 

    You can contact us on [email protected] 01297 624246 or by popping in store to discuss. 

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    Looking for hobby supplies? You've found the right place. 

    Here at Devon Art Supplies in Seaton, Devon we offer a wide range of art, craft and hobby supplies both in store and on our website. No matter what type of creative hobby you have in mind we will likely be able to help. 

    If you are a hobbist looking for Airfix, Humbrol or Revell products then you'll be pleased to hear our range of these products has recently expanded in store and we are doing our best to add them onto the website as fast as we can. This range expanded based on customer request, we always make note when customers ask us for products that we don't stock and when we are able to source them and stock them. One of the products we had some requests for were the recently released Humbrol Acrylic Dropper bottles, these are now available in a selection of colours. 


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    Alongside these you'll find Humbrol spray paints, Enamel tinlets, mediums such as masking fluid and varnish etc One of the things we are currently working on expanding is our selection of Airfix kits, though we have a good range of starter kits in both traditional Airfix kits and the newer Quickbuild kits we do plan to have available soon some of the larger and more complicate kits. We'd love to hear your feedback and requests, it will help us to know what our lovely customers like you want to see in store and on our website. 


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    If you are a Matcha lover, or know someone who is check out these new Matcha themed sticker packs. They would make a great little gift. These stickers are made using waterproof sticker vinyl so can be adhered to a wide range of surfaces and are waterproof. 

    These would be great to use inside or on the covers or notebooks and journals. 

    These are available now over on Kerri-Ann's website and also in store at Devon Art Supplies and Betty's Books, 30 Queen Street, Seaton, Devon, EX12 2RB 

    Alongside these new sticker packs are a range of other hot drink themed stickers so if you are a coffee or tea drinker you'll find a sticker pack for you there too. 

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    If you are looking for unusual and interesting cards then you really need to come visit us at 30 Queen Street in Seaton, Devon where we offer a wide range of greetings cards suitable for a variety of occasions. We have everything from birthday cards, valentines cards, childrens cards and arty cards. Alongside the arty cards we also stock photography cards, many featuring areas of Seaton and Devon such as the seafront and the harbour. We also stock a beautiful range of floral photography cards too. 

    If you can't get to us in Seaton, You can also order the cards here on our website. 

    If you struggle to choose a card why not select one of the surprise bundle packs, you'll get a randomly selected mix of cards. 

  5. If you are looking to buy creative gifts for friends and family i highly recommend popping in store to take a look at the great selection we have available. We've got a wide range of kits and supplies to suit different interests, ages and abilities. You'll find knitting, crochet, painting, decopage, beading, sewing, stitching, embroidery, diamond and and so much more. 

    Though we do our best to load everything onto the website we ofen cannot keep up with the speed at which items come in store and then sell out before getting loaded onto the website so popping in store, if you can, is always worthwhile. As a small family business we are unable to get things done as quickly as we would like but i promise we are trying our best. 

    If you are unable to get to us in store but would like to find out what creative kits we have in stock at any given time feel free to give us a call or email and we will do our best to help. 

    If you cannot find a kit that would suit your needs we are always happy to put together the supplies and create a kit for you, please just ask a member of staff for assistance.